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IDB Lisbon- Marta Monteiro Gil, VP Creative & Marketing, Jamestown Europe

Marta Monteiro Gil
Marta Monteiro Gil is a Vice President of Creative & Marketing for Jamestown Europe. Ms. Monteiro Gil leads marketing initiatives in Portugal and Spain. Prior to joining Jamestown, she worked in branding, creative, event organization, digital marketing, and shopping center management at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, both in Madrid and in Paris. Ms. Monteiro Gil received a Bachelor of Economics and a Master of International Management from NOVA School of Business and Economics. She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. IDB Lisbon – Innovation & Design Building

What is the IDB Lisbon (tell us more)?

IDB Lisbon – Innovation & Design Building Lisbon is a hub for companies, with a strong focus on innovation and design, conceived for the community, who will find in the building, in addition to offices, various activities and initiatives that they can be part of.

Jamestown’s goal with the creation of IDB Lisbon was to give a new lease of life to the historic Entreposto building, creating a space that not only attracts innovative companies and startups, but also the entire community, which can take advantage of the space’s various offerings, such as the 3,000 square meter rooftop (one of the largest in Lisbon), which brings together food, sports activities, art & culture and a panoramic view of the city of Lisbon.

Two people in front of a colourful house
a group of people outside

What does art represent for the IDB Lisbon Building?

For Jamestown and IDB Lisbon, art is an integral part of our identity and mission. That’s why we have several pieces of art present at different locations of the customer journey and in various formats, which are created by artists who had the opportunity to contribute to the enrichment of the building.
From the duo Los Pepes, that have created a 40 meter long wall that pays homage to the city of Lisbon; another example is the mural created by the artist and illustrator Kruella D’Enfer, called “Transitory Beings”, that can be found at the entrance of the building; to Mariana Malhão’s mural exhibited in our parking; and the immersive room painted by American artist Katie Merz, that is currently the bike parking room.

The presence of art in the space not only visually enriches the environment, but also stimulates creativity, promotes cultural dialog, and inspires the people who frequent the building.

How does it contribute to the local community?

IDB Lisbon – Innovation & Design Building has a strong commitment to the local community, aiming to be not just an office space, but also an agent of positive engagement for the community.

That’s why we aim to build a real community, by bringing food, sports, cultural and artistic offerings to the eastern part of Lisbon, accessible to all, with the intention that residents and visitors find in the space a place where they can hang out, have fun, appreciate art, and get involved as a member of the community.

a woman standing in a parking lot with a colorful wall
a building with colorful designs on it

What new features are being prepared for your fantastic rooftop this summer?

This year, IDB Rooftop will open its doors earlier and will have a dynamic program throughout the summer.

We can’t reveal our agenda in detail yet, but we can guarantee that we’ll have parties, sports activities, quiz nights, live music, markets, and different gastronomic offerings, which will make IDB Rooftop a place where anyone can feel good, whether they come alone, with friends, family, or children. A space for the community, where everyone is welcome and finds something meaningful for them.

What is the importance of creating a network for the region with partners from other business areas?

The creation of a network of partners from different areas is fundamental for the growth and sustainable development of IDB Lisbon, but also for the entire ecosystem and community.

Collaborating with companies from different sectors makes possible to promote innovation, stimulate the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and create business opportunities and synergies that benefit not only its occupants, but also the entire local community.

a man and woman standing in a room with a wall with black and white drawings
A strong focus on innovation and design

How do you envision the region’s development in the next 5 years?

Over the next five years, we envision Lisbon continuing to be one of Europe’s most vibrant and dynamic cities, and positioning itself as a global hub for technology, innovation, and creativity companies. The Eastern part of the city is a natural expansion within Lisbon, given it is gathering residential, businesses, schools, and closeness to public infrastructure, concretely the airport.

With more businesses and offices establishing themselves in this area, but also learning and development entities like Edu Hub, we are all actively bringing more innovation, helping to build a more prosperous, creative, and innovative neighbourhood and city.