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To collaborate or make your organisation part of the community dedicated to the future of lifelong learning at Edu Hub Lisbon, please get in touch: info@eduhub.com

EduHub Leasing


Edu Hub’s current offering encompasses c.10,000 square metres of development or build-out opportunities for the right partners. The real estate team at Edu Hub Lisbon has a combined track record of over 40 years of working on award-winning development, office, and masterplan projects in Lisbon and Europe. The experienced team can work with you from concept to brand creation and project delivery and development working with longstanding trusted partners.

Together, the Edu Hub team values relationships and is passionate about delivering exceptional future-thinking projects that inspire and engage.


At Edu Hub Lisbon, there are plans to further grow a thriving campus community creating an innovative new neighbourhood where culture, technology, and learning can work and develop together. If you are involved in higher education, edtech, or pushing the boundaries of learning in our changing world, please get in touch.

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