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Marvila (002)
Marvila Geral 2


Marvila is the neighbourhood to watch in Lisbon. Located on the riverfront, between downtown and the modern Parque das Nações district, it’s undergoing a cultural regeneration. From the 1800s onwards, it was the manufacturing heart of Lisbon.

These started to close towards the end of the late 20th century, and in the last few years artists and investors have recognized the potential of these spaces, transforming them into galleries, restaurants, and craft breweries.

Today, Marvila in Lisbon is described as the equivalent of what Brooklyn is to New York City, or Shoreditch is to London. It is a district rich in architectural heritage, and reinventing itself with new and engaging movements in arts and culture.

Marvila leads the way in innovation, artistic expression and as a thriving hub for creativity. Even though the area has some of the most impressive street art murals you will come across in Lisbon, it’s not only aesthetics in Marvila; there’s plenty of substance to sustain the growth of what’s becoming one of the most exciting areas in the Portuguese capital. 

Besides celebrated craft beer taprooms, contemporary art galleries and alternative design stores, Marvila is also the home of Hub Criativo do Beato, a massive hub for startups and entrepreneurs housed in a former factory complex and that has started to welcome international companies in the fields of technology, innovation and creative industries.

Underdogs Gallery

Underdogs is a cultural platform based in Lisbon, Portugal that encompasses a gallery with two exhibition areas, a public art programme, the production of artist editions, and the development of commissioned art projects.

Established in 2010 and consolidated in its present form in 2013, Underdogs works with a diversified roster of Portuguese and international artists connected with the urban-inspired contemporary art universe, fostering the development of close relationships between creators, the public, and the city.

Distance from Edu Hub:

  • 7 min by car/Uber
  • 14 min by scooter
  • 15 min by bus (781)


Rua Fernando Palha
Armazém 56
1950-132, Lisboa

Creative Hub Beato

Hub Creativo do Beato is a hub for innovation and creativity.
Based in a former army factory complex along the riverside, it recognized for its industrial and architectural value. This hubs extends out over 35 000 square meters across 20 different buildings. These buildings are being renovated to house national and international entities in the area of technology, innovation and creative industries, making Lisbon an open city and a world reference as such.

Hub Criativo do Beato is intended as a contributing project for the urban rehabilitation of the area of Beato and Marvila, supporting the creation of jobs and attracting companies with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Gastronomy, cocktails, events, and product launches are also part of the DNA.

Distance from Edu Hub:

  • 10 min by car/Uber
  • 20 min by scooter
  • 25 min by bus (781)

Hub Criativo Beato · Centro de Inovação para Empresas Criativas e Tecnológicas

Rua da Manutenção, 71
1900-500, Lisboa

8 Marvila Cultural Centre

Marvila 8 is a community space with a cultural and social component of sharing.
It contemplates 22.000sqm recovered and transformed into an emerging experience of art, culture, and commerce.

Events, food, and music are at the heart of the Marvila 8.

Distance from Edu Hub:

  • 9 min by car/Uber
  • 13 min by scooter
  • 17 min by bus (781)

8 Marvila

Praça David Leandro
da Silva 8
1950-064, Lisboa

Fábrica Braço de Prata Cultural Centre

Fábrica Braço de Prata is a (private) cultural centre, created in 2007, which occupies the former military barracks and factory of Braço de Prata. This centre promotes culture and art, hosting a bookshop, exhibition rooms, restaurant and rooms for cinema, theatre and concerts.

Distance from Edu Hub:

  • 9 min by car/Uber
  • 15 min by scooter
  • 18 min by bus (781)

Fábrica Braço De Prata

Rua da Fábrica do Material de Guerra, 1
1950-128, Lisboa

Musa Marvila Beer Bar

Factory and bar, concert hall and snacks, consumption and production. Here concepts mix and come to a boil. A factory of open taps, turned on amplifiers and lit ovens. Perfect for a late afternoon with friends or the perfect start for a night filled with good music.

Distance from Edu Hub:

  • 6 min by car/Uber
  • 8 min by scooter
  • 12 min by bus (781)

Musa Marvila Beer Bar

Rua do Vale Formoso, Nr.9
1950-277, Lisboa

Taproom Dois Corvos

Creative and innovative brewery in Marvila

7 taps serving fresh beer, a full kitchen, and a regular calendar of music and events.

One of the Portuguese breweries that helped develop a fun-loving community of people and brands who want to elevate craft beer locally and internationally.

Distance from Edu Hub:

  • 10 min by car/Uber
  • 15 min by scooter
  • 25 min by bus (781)

United by Beer | Dois Corvos Brewery

Rua Capitão Leitão, 94
1950-052, Lisboa

Prata Riverside Village

Prata Riverside Village development is a calm, yet lively environment.

At the Prata Riverside Village ecosystem you can find a variety of restaurants (such as Prata Coffee, Rio de Prata or Cozinha de Prata), concept coffees as the Delta Coffee House, music, exhibitions and events.

“The Mercado P´la Arte” – a must see – it’s an art market that promotes the work of artists and is a space where they can show and sell their work creatively.

Distance from Edu Hub:

  • 5 min by car/Uber
  • 7 min by scooter
  • 12 min by bus (781)

Prata Riverside Village

Rua G à, R. Fernando Palha, Lote 8, Loja 3
1950-000, Lisboa


Delta The Coffee House

A new experience in the world of coffee in an innovative setting.

Born in 1961, Delta is the symbol not only of entrepreneurship and the capacity for innovation in Portugal, but also the relational essence of a cup of coffee.

At Prata Riverside, Delta brings you a unique space where you can experience aromas and flavours, have a light meal, or explore the craft of coffee making.

Distance from Edu Hub:

  • 5 min by car/Uber
  • 7 min by scooter
  • 12 min by bus (781)

Delta The Coffee House Experience

Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa 8, Loja 1
1950-132, Lisboa

Municipal Swimming pool Vale do Fundão

This public swimming pool next door offers a wide range of aquatic activities such as pure swimming for young and adults, hydrotherapy, and hydro gymnastics.

Distance from Edu Hub:

  • 3 min by car/Uber
  • 3 min by scooter

Piscina Municipal

Vale do Fundão
Rua Félix Bermudes, Marvila
1950-292, Lisboa